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About Houses of Europe

We are Houses of europe

We are proud to present our new platform for renting out your vacation home, a fresh player that stands out amid the already established major rental platforms. Understandably, you might wonder why you should switch to our platform, while you are already using the services of the biggest and most popular rental platforms.

The answer is simple: we aim for growth, but not just for ourselves. Our vision includes your success, and we want to evolve together with you. What makes us unique is our commitment to transparency. With us, you only pay an annual subscription without hidden costs for you and the renter. Unlike the big players, where you have to give up a percentage of your earnings for each booking, we operate a clear and fair model.

At other platforms, unreasonable rules are maintained, such as paying a percentage of the cleaning costs and the risk of blocking for insufficient positive reviews. We understand that such practices are not only unreasonable but also undermine your autonomy as a landlord. With us, you are central, without the fear of unfair blocking based on subjective reviews.

From our own experience, we know how frustrating it can be to have to comply with the rigid rules of the big players. We are different, and our goal is to do better, together with you. With us, you pay a transparent fixed annual amount, without fine print or unpleasant surprises afterwards. In short, we want to do things differently, especially for you and with your well-being as a priority!

Enjoy the most gorgeous houses within Europe